Brothers in Arms 3 (Offline) Android Apk Download


As far as mobile phone is concerned, this game is the best FPS game on mobile. It features outstanding graphics with eye catching visual effects. In BIA 3, you are faced with a bunch of different scenario and challenges ranging from saving your brothers in the army, capturing the enemies general and ambushing enemies.

Offline Mode
When offline, you play the main career mode where there are various campaigns. Campaigns involve chapters, Blueprints, COMMANDO and lot more.

Battle Tank Mode
Select and buy any amour tank of your choice using valor points and gold medals. Tanks ranging from M4 SHERMAN SERIES, M18 HELLCAT SERIES, T-34 SERIES, PANTHER SERIES and others. You have the ability to equip your tanks with armor and weapons. You also have the ability to come out of your tank and fight on foot.

Online Mode
Online mode allows you to enter events. General event is a daily event that award you up to 45gold medal when the required victories is accomplished. In general event, you can choose either to play the TANK EDITION or TEAM DEATH-MATCH. There are other rare events too that award you greater prizes.

African Campaign
Off to Africa, where you face different scenarios and chapters as well as top secret missions and raid missions. This mode is very aggressive and so require heavy machinery to confront the invading enemies.

  • Incredible graphics
  • Soothing soundtrack
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Realistic reactions and finishing
  • 40+ weapons and armor
  • 5+ Brothers to fight along side with you
  • African mode
  • Team up with friends and fight other players
  • Daily events
  • 10+ Experimental weapons
  • Battle tank mode
  • The Last Stand Mode
  • VIP Mode
  • Top Secrete Missions

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