Alien vs Predator ppsspp game download [compressed]

A FPS shooter game created by Rebellion Developments, this developers are behind some other brilliant adventure games. The game is based on the combination of characters and creatures of the Alien and predator  franchise. It consist of various single campaign missions and charcters from the movie. You will have a control over the predator weapons as it appears in the movie and other stuffs, including shoulder-mounted energy cannon class. The player posseses a stealth camouflage and different vison modes that enables good vision in the dark, such as infrared vision.
The gameplay is smooth enough and control handling is superb along with the camera. The predator can lock on to targets using a FPV to target using ranged weapons.


  • Single Player Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Realistic Scene
  • Skirmish Modes
  • Connection with Friends or other Players
  • Excellent Story mode


DOWNLOAD    [secure]

  • Alien vs Predator.iso   [147MB]

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