How to Fix Winning Eleven 2012 BLACKSCREEN ERROR [error marmalade v5.2.3 winning eleven 2012]

If you are a fan of the Winning Eleven 2012 mobile soccer game, there's a very great chance you have had an encounter with an error that displays a black screen when the game is installed on some mobile phones or tablets. This error didn't begin at around the time of the game release, because most mobile phones used a 32-bit processor then. But android phones of today uses a 64-bit processor of which the Winning Eleven 2012 is not built to suit or ran on. So the main reason some android phones have not been able to run this spectacular soccer game is due to the fact that it's runs only on 32-bit processor.

Common Errors are:

error marmalade v5.2.3 winning eleven 2012

Error (Marmalade v5.2.3 [306653])

Architecture ARM6 error

         But do not panic, has made some research and arrived at a way to solve this issue, be it WE12, WE20 or even the latest Winning Eleven update on your new android phones. To solve the balckscreen error, just follow the below step and enjoy your game thereafter!

How to solve blackscreen error on WE12?

Step 1

Download the MATEY APP and install 

Or Goto PlayStore and search for "Matey Whatsapp Clone and App Cloner".
Install the App and run.

Step 2

On the Matey App menu, tap on "Add App" and the select the WE12 or 2020 game.
The game will be processed and finally clone a 32bit version.

Step 3

Your cloned App will appear on the "Matey App" menu.
You can create a shortcut on your phone menu and run from there.
And that is that!

If this method doesn't help you solve your problem, make sure to let us know on the comment section. Enjoy!



  1. Replies
    1. Sorry about that, what error did you get and what device?

  2. This method isn't work in my mobile why? Just show black screen

    1. Its not working 2 just show black screen my advice is mobicel R1 l tried using a the fixing methods

  3. App is not working even under mamatey am Using infinix hot 8 lite

  4. Still not working showing black screen.
    Device name it el s13

    1. Sorry, working on other alternatives at the moment

  5. I tried cloning but it isn't working still blank screen. My device is Infinix Hot 8

    1. It says "application developed for older versions of android, please update or contact your developer"

  6. Still not going with me. Screen's just blank and black. Even tried other clone apps to no avail... Too harsh for a fail


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