Beach Buggy Racing Android (No Cache) Apk Download

Welcome to our beach, full action and surprise. Here, you race against a bunch of super drivers each with different character and special ability.
Unlock from a collection of powerups, weapons like firework, fireball, dogeball furry and hydra that sends three-headed hydra stings you a little...and then it blows you into smithereens, or enhancement like spiked tires, big  tires, boost, police chase and basic shield that protect you against missiles and most other maladies.

Have other drivers join your team as you win your way through the stages and gather some coins, you will also be able to gather some coins to purchase your style of ride, ranging from monster trucks to muscle rides. Fast, furious, fun, crazy and free, this kart-racing island adventure is for all ages.

  • Lot of cool cars.
  • Customize your cars.
  • 10+ natural racing tracks.
  • Split screen for up to 4 players.
  • Graphics tuning.
  • Various control style to choose.
  • Daily rewards.
  • Bunches of power ups and weapons
  • Championships.
  • New engines for fire up.
  • Daily challenge.
  • Shortcuts in all stages.

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