Ace Combat X - Skies of Deception ppsspp game download [compressed]

This is the first installment of the Ace Combat franchise for PSP. The campaign mode is the story line which starts with the player leading in a flight along with the Gryphus Squadron, of the Aurelian Air Force. The game has various missions which involves different objectives. Mission such as; attacking of ground targets, air targets and sometimes, the mission are complex such that it involve multiples of objectives.

Ace Combat X features a multiplayer mode, using wireless connection to connect up to four players. There are a pretty lots of multiplayer modes which includes: Dogfight, Base Attack, Air Superiority, Beacon Battle and Escort Mission.

This amazing game offers a realistic flight and air force experience which you're surely going to find a trilling one.

ace combat

  • Multiplayer
  • Campaign Mode
  • Smooth game handling
  • Various weapons and armor
  • 5+ Multiplayer Mode
  • Various modern Fighter-jets to fly
  • Realistic scenarios


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