Crash bandicoot CTR ppsspp game download [compressed]


Also known as Naughty Dog. This crazy piece of game is the fourth release in the Crash Bandicoot Series by Naughty dog. Though, the franchise is currently owned by Activision - the maker of Call of Duty, Splinter Cell and other lots of incredible games. This particular piece is based on the effort of crash bandicoot, coco, Dr Neo Cortex and the other ragtag team of racers in the game series, who must race against the Nitros Oxide - an avengful and very aggressive character, to save the earth from destruction.

You as the player can take control of one of the limited racers available to you at the begining of the adventure in the Crash Bandicoot CTR series characters. You get access to more players as you progress to higher levels. You'll get to make use of weapons and tag with a racer during a race. By tagging with a racer, you can be the driver or the shooter. You will also be encountering some adventorous scenes where you don't get to race but go around looking for treasures and all.


  • Multiplayer
  • Adventure Mode
  • 4+ Race Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Stunt Mode
  • 15+ Racing Tracks
  • 10+ Racers Characters
  • 10+ Racing Cars
  • 10+ Shortcut Track
  • Tag Team
  • Multiple Weapons 

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