Beowulf ppsspp game [compressed]


Beowulf - The game is based on the beowulf movie in 2007. In the game, it started with beowulf racing on the beach with a fellow thane. While some other thane folks are slaying crabs on the beach, Bewulf was racing with a thane in the sea, where he is attacked by a sea serpent.He fights the serpent but is defeated and thrown into the water; there Grendels mother appears and says he is her new hero, and grants him power. He later defeats the sea serpent with his newgranted power and then returs to the beach here he was racing before. Ever since, he helps the danes solved problems they have been facing gaining him more powers along the journey.


  •              FEATURES
    • Interesting Story Mode
    • Amazing Graphics
    • Smooth Gameplay
    • Amazing Sound Track
    • Easy Controls
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