Hey guyz, this is Yuxufabio. And I'm gonna be showing how you can make a 3d text using your photoshop (any version). Well you might have come across a lot of tutorials online but I'm gonna show you
very simple steps. Actually this tutorial is for the beginners. So just relax and grab your drink. It doesn't take much time,
probably 5mins. Here I'm chillin with my favorite.............
*~^o^~ cheer  enjoy! 

**STEP 1.

              The first thing I'm gonna do is Photoshop. After running your photoshop, Press CTRL+N to create a
new  document. Then the new document
property panel pops-up. I used 570 X 490 pixels in
my 3d text. So it doesn't matter the size you choose as far as it is something

Now click on the text tool(T) or press the 'T'key on your keyboard then place your cursor in the working area and then
type 3D or whatever text you like. Change the font size
or to make it quicker, you can just press CTRL+T. While
holding your SHIFT key, click and drag any of the edges to make it LARGER.

3d Text


Next step is selecting the text layer(3d), right-click and then
select 'Rasterize' . Press CTRL+T to transform, right-click and then select perspective from the option panel. Now
I'm gonna click on either the bottom-left corner or the bottom-right corner
then drag to the left or right...hit enter!. Again right-click and select skew from the option panel. Click on the
top-left corner or the bottom-left corner; anyway you want it, but I'm gonna use the top-left
corner. And then drag to the top. Yeah! we now have something looking like this and it looks pretty good now but it
doesn't seem to have a kinda 3D structure you know and it's not freaking enough to
look 3D right? 

3d text

So the way I can make it look 3d is by selecting the 3D layer and duplicate
by pressing CTRL+J. Select  the duplicated 3D layer and  press ALT+Down
Arrow Key
and then do it again and again...about seven times is okay. Now select the second layer from the layer panel leaving one at the top, while holding the SHIFT key click
on the last Layer then PRESS CTRL+E to merge layers together.

3d text

The next step is to select the first layer, double click or right-click and

 The blending option option panel is
gonna pop-up.

 **These are my own settings so you can use a different one if you like...just play with it.


Outer Glow (opacity=75, noise=0,size=5) or use any value.

Stroke (Choose any color)

You can even play around with the Texture, Gradient overlay, Glow....

3d text

3d text

And that’s all for that. If you have any problem following any of the step
above please feel free to drop your comment in the Comment box below. I will be very glad to hear from you and make sure you subscribe to get cool posts right in your in your Inbox for free.


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