You might have been wondering what a
double-soft and soft reset
actually means or even the factory reset. Well, this one clears it up
all plus the difference, how to perform it and when it should be performed.
Resetting your berry once in a while will help maintain the health of your

smartphone.  Even a BB user that just got
is or her phone a week ago already knows that silly character “freezing
it has, so apparently knows the usual battery pull trick:

anytime your phone
comes up with that crazy habit, simply pop off that battery cover, remove the
battery and reinsert, and umm your phone will always be functioning
smoothly like new again.

The secret behind this trick is just
because removing the battery and reinserting it breaks off power source,
rebooting the operating system (OS), resetting the network connection and
wiping out some junks or error-like stuffs. We have a few different kinds of
reset (soft,
double-soft and hard reset
and it’s better to know when each is


This is the most common type and is
mostly used to re-start a connection, maybe when data connection has failed or
connection between your Smartphone and your PC fails or when connection become
slow or even when your phone freezes (that
usual habit).
If you are trying to transfer or make use of any software
connected to your phone, but keeps losing connection, a soft reset may be a better choice.

Also, it force stops all running
software app and then restart them after rebooting, so if you have encounter a
problem that you notice is related to an app and not the device itself, you’ll
want to perform this type of reset.

soft resetHow? Just press and hold your ALT+RIGHT-SHIFT+DEL keys simultaneously and release when
your screen goes black.
This method will reset your BlackBerry without
you having to remove the battery. And note that  you cannot perform this method if your
BlackBerry does not have a keyboard
. Your
Smartphone display then goes black, your LED indicator turns red for some
seconds and the reboot process begins. It always take a few minutes for your
device to reboot and return to its normal settings, so be just relax.


I guess you must have known what this
means already. Well, it’s just the same soft
we just talked about. But there’s still a little difference which is
performing the soft reset twice. Berry users with cases that
are actually hard to remove may want to try this type of reset before cracking
the cover and stripping off all engines just because you want to perform a hard


Hard resetIn spite of all, if your soft nor double reset do the fixing, you may want to perform a hard reset or
battery pull. Performing a hard reset is by removing the battery cover and
reinserting it back again. Its better to wait for up to 2 minutes before you
reinsert the battery into your phone.
You can
perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry 10
by pressing and holding the Power button on the top of the phone for about 10

Hard resetMost times in some cases where you just
subscribe for blackberry data connection, your device may not connect to the
internet. All you have to do is simply perform
a hard
reset and that is it, your device will get back to normal again.  But if
none of these solve your problem, you can log In to blackberry site for help or
get in touch with your ISP.



This is the most advance of them all. Performing a factory reset, or security wipe, will remove all of your
personal information, contact, files, apps and reset the phone to the state it was in when it was first made.You can perform this by going to your SETTINGS >> SECURITY AND PRIVACY >>

If you have any question just feel free to ask .


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