BB shortcutIf this is the first time you are using a Blackberry device. You are surely overwhelmed with all the buttons on your device or let say maybe for some phone freaks. Ummm...well your blackberry device has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that will help you make haste through many things on your berry in no time at all. Right now we will check out some of the numerous shortcuts you can


for Browsing, Messaging, Email, Games and more.

You surely want to improve your skills on typing and making the best use out your berry? Just scroll along with me*&lt):) cowboy. >>These are the default shortcuts and should work for most devices.


The first and the most important of all shortcuts is the Convenience Key and is present on most BB devices. You can change this to whatever you see to be the most useful to you. Whether to lock your keys, turn on your radio or camera...you just mention it.

To change this option, just go to Options >> Screen/Keyboard and set it under Convenience key.

Phone Shortcuts

•To answer a phone call Press the Send key
•To view the call log Whether you are playing a game, browsing or even watching a video just press the Send key from any screen
•To stay in a call and return to the home screen Press the Escape key and select Ok
•To type a letter in a phone number field Press and hold the Alt key then press the letter
•To input a plus sign + when typing a phone number Press and hold the key ‘O’
•To assign a speed dial number to a key From the Home screen or in the Phone App, hold the key you want to assign. Then type the phone number
•To change between headset, speakerphone and handset Tap the $ (dollar sign) key on your keyboard

Typing Shortcuts

•To input a full-stop Press the Send key
•To capitalize a letter Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears
•CAPS Lock Alt + Right SHIFT
•NUM Lock Alt + Left SHIFT
•To turn off NUM lock or CAP lock Press the SHIFT key
•To input an at sign @ or a full-stop (.) in an email address field press the SPACE key
•To highlight a line of text Press the SHIFT key and then use the trackpad to select to the direction you wish
•To highlight text Hold the SHIFT key and roll the trackball or pad left or right
•To cancel a text selection Press the ESCAPE key
•To cut highlighted text when typing Press the SHIFT + Backspace/Delete key
•To copy highlighted text when typing Press and hold the Alt key and then press the trackball or pad
•To paste copied text when typing Press and hold the SHIFT key and then press OK on the trackball or pad

In a message list:

•Compose Message C
•Mark Message As Opened/Unopened ALT+U
•View all Incoming Messages and Calls ALT+I
•View Outbox ALT+O
•View Voicemail ALT+V
•View SMS Messages ALT+S
•View Call Log or Phone Calls ALT+P
•Move to the top of a screen SHIFT+SPACE
•to the bottom of a screen SPACE
•Go to top of a message T
•Go to bottom of a message B
•to the next date N
Move to the previous date P
GOto the next Unread Message U
Goto the next related Message J
Goto to the previous related Message K

Message Shortcuts:

While in particular a message:

•Reply To Message R
•Search message S
•Forward Message F
•Check delivery error E
•Missed M

Media Shortcuts:

•Mute a video or song Mute key "(dollar sign)" key
•Rotate pictures L
•Zoom In I
•Zoom Out O
•Next Image N
•In zoom mode 1,2, 3,4.6.7,8 and 9 stands for any angle you want to scroll

Calendar Shortcuts:

•schedule an appointment C
•Change to Agenda view A
•Change to Day view D
•Change to Week view W
•Change to Month view M
•Move to the next day/week/month SPACE
•Move to the previous day/week/month SHIFT+SPACE
•Move to the current date T
•to a specific date G
Move to previous Month P
Move to next Month N


One the important ways to save battery life and from running apps or calling people with your phone in your pocket is to activate standby mode on your phone. To do this, simply hold the Mute key on top of your device for 3seconds. your phone will go into standby mode but all your alerts and calls will still come in. To exit standby mode, just tap the Mute Key.

**Miscellaneous **


 Note! For Advance Users Only! Altering those settings wrongly can screw up your phone!

 ALT + Shift + H         Access Help ME screen status info etc.


ALT + Right Shift + DEL


ALT + LGLG  -You can refresh by clearing event log.


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