Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift ppsspp game [compressed]

The game features racing in wide ranges of expressways and mountain roads. Racers battle in point-to-point races or tournaments to gain the highest speed between the start and finish. Another racing mode is the Drift mode, where racers contest mostly in the mountain road. Locations are positioned along the road to access new race deal and garage. These garages are also featured in the Real movie The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. Eight dealerships are available for you to get your rides from.

  • 5+ Car Dealerships
  • Ride Pimp
  • Single player Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Real life Physics
  • Collectable Weapons and Valuable
  • Realistic Roadways
  • Amazing Soundtracks
  • Loads of various Tracks
  • Loads of Rides

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