Grand Theft - Vice City ppsspp game [compressed]

The Gta Vice City is an adventure-action game by Rockstar, and is built as part of the Grand Theft Auto series which also include the Liberty Story, China Town Wars and San Andreas. It features real-life scenarios as well as environment based on the Miami city. The player will be able to perform  most everyday activities from paying bills and getting in trouble. It has more than 20 missions to progress in the story mode.

The story is based on Tommy Vercetti after his release from prison. he's being caught up in a set-up drug deal, he is on the pry for those responsible while gradually building a criminal gang and taking hold of power from other criminal gangs.

  • Missions
  • Weapon Purchase
  • Fascinating Soundtracks
  • Realistic Environment
  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Buy Cars
  • Non-stop Action
  • New Features
  • Interesting Story Mode
  • Easy Control

DOWNLOAD  [secure]
  • Grand Theft _ Vice City.iso [667MB]

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