Metal Gear - Solid Peace Walker ppsspp game [compressed]

The game features two game modes: Mission and Mother Base. In the mission, the player will be commanded to penetrate an enemy territory or fight a boss. The "Mother Mission" requires the player to manage the army or give commands. The player will get to choose from different types of missions in which, one involving following strict orders in other to progress further and another involving task like obtaining secrete documents or some bits of interactivity.
The game begins the player being trained on how to use controls and military tactics. You can use options from the controls too, depending on the type of control that suits you.


  • Different Game Modes
  • Different Control Modes
  • Simple Control System
  • Adventure-War
  • Fascinating Game Story
  • Realistic
  • Military Environment
  • Nice Soundtracks
  • Realistic War Scenes
  • Sophisticated Weapons

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