Prince of Persia - The Forgtten Sands ppsspp game [compressed]

Another of the series "Prince of Persia". Though the storylne in different consoles may be somewhat different, but still based on the prince of Persia Series, concluding the older series "The Two Thrones". This one feature unlocking of Ezio, the main character from Assassin's creed II according to Ubisoft. Though this option wasn't seen at first when playing the game, it some of the treasures you will find in the course of your adventure. The game view is not like that of the Revelation series which has a complete 3D view. it feature the free running-styled seen in other series plus other unique features.

  • Realistic Environments
  • Easy Control
  • Stunning Moves
  • Amazing Story
  • Astonishing Graphics
  • Collectable Treasures
  • Unending Actions
  • Interesting Story Mode
  • HD graphics
  • Adventurous

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